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Got change? Need change? Get Elizabeth Power.

She’s a powerful facilitator, a storyteller with a Six Sigma Black Belt, an intuitive whose work circles the globe, and certified in Self-Directed Coaching along with Performance-Based Learning. As a speaker, she shared the cover of Successful Meetings with Colin Powell, Guy Kawasaki, and Molly Ivins. As a consultant, she’s served so many organizations you’d more than three pages just to get started!

With close to half a century of helping people identify, make, and manage change to help improve personal and organizational performance (and her own life as story of change and choice), she’s seen more change than a chameleon crawling through a costume ball. She knows that sometimes the simplest and smallest tweak can make the biggest difference!

She’s a gifted speaker recognized by Successful Meetings for her talent. She’s celebrated as an intuitive whose served education, industry and governments since the 1980s. Her prowess as a facilitator is unparalleled, earning her an average of 4.7 across ten years on a 5 point scale.

Elizabeth’s expertise supported JD Power and Associates as they crafted the Ford Blue Oval and the Call Center Operations Certifications. She worked with them to help Toyota, Lexus, Wells Fargo and more become customer-centric. And, she’s helped healthcare organizations like Queens Hospital, Indian Health Services and Georgetown University (along with many many more) understand and implement Trauma-Informed Care, moving from a “what’s wrong with you” to a “what happened to you” perspective.

Power is an exceptional educator who is certified in Self-Directed Coaching, Performance-Based Training, and Relational Theory. Her life experiences certifies her as the one you want when you are facing change.

What people say:

✔ Elizabeth is one of most intelligent humans I've met. There is no "Off" switch to this dynamo, she crackles with electricity all day long. I saw her re-engineer the technical training at Sprint and was impressed with her clarity of thought and lucidity of writing. If Nikola Tesla made a person, she would be it.—Walt Brubaker, USA

✔ Thank you for sharing the magic of positive responses. Increased my knowledge. Answered questions honestly and sincerely – speaking from experience. I’m ready to try the 5 tools! Excellent strategies. Great work – excellent – thanks. Job well done – God bless. Amazing. ACRE, South Africa

✔ I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your class. You WOW'ed me and that is hard to do!!—Newhouse, USA

✔ Such a brilliant adventure on O'ahu yesterday, mahalo keakua—Queens Hospital, USA

(click on the photo below to see a short video introduction of myself:)

Elizabeth Power Video

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