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  Welcome to Forum Destinations:

Forum Destinations, Annual Retreats and Events for YPO, WPO and their Families. (YPO Forum Retreat Ideas)

Our Young President’s Organization retreat and event Team looks forward to supporting YPO moderators in the design and delivery of a remarkable learning adventure.

Specializing in transformational learning experiences and ypo forum retreat ideas for YPO/WPO, spouses and their families, our top rated retreats and forums are grounded in YPO values and norms, while offering innovative programming, experiential activities and top rated speakers and facilitators.

Each of our unique YPO Forum and Events focuses on creating a climate of openness and risk-taking that produces meaningful insight and growth as well as memories of a lifetime for YPO members and their families.

Why select Forum Destinations for your Chapter/Forum Retreat?

  • 100% satisfaction: We guarantee your program and event quality. From world-class facilitators to unique and exotic destinations and activities, our YPO and EO reputation is built on our ability to deliver outstanding experiences to chapter members and their families
  • Once in a lifetime learning adventures: Each of our YPO experiences weaves adventure, learning and fun into retreats where members and their families bring home memories of a lifetime. We customize the experience to your chapter or forum needs with the right balance of education and leisure activities
  • VIP service & access: From the moment you select Forum Destinations as your agent, our VIP event team with global connections goes to work for you in achieving flawless execution of your learning adventure
  • Ah-HA’s and pivot points: Because we are an educational organization, achieving breakthrough learning is key to each YPO forum retreat and family event. All of our events are designed with YPO norms and chapter measures of success in mind

A Sampling of our signature YPO/WPO Retreat and Family Programs

  • Go Wild! Go Great Leadership Safari
  • Ama La Vida—Achieving New Heights in the Andes
  • Play-Create-Succeed:
  • "Sankalpa" Achieving Personal Determination and Focus
  • Fail Fest: "Oops--what can we learn from that?"
  • YPO Hackathon: The Art of Speed Innovation
  • Whole Brain Relationships
  • Developing Your Personal Brand of Leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving and Storytelling Camp for YPO Families
  • MI6 Adventure--Release your inner Bond, Bourne and Bauer!
  • Find your Inner Viking--A YPO Adventure in Iceland

A few testimonials:

"We really enjoyed our time with you and you did an awesome job putting together the event"
Jason Atkins, President & CEO/YPO Forum

"Rosemary, Thanks again for a wonderful and valuable experience. The lessons are already having an impact on my business and my leadership team interaction, not to mention the calming influence the experience has translated to my family life. Conservation of energy, seek to understand before being understood."
John Benevides, YPO Forum

"Rosemary, Thank you for taking care of planning, organizing and executing our retreat. We had a great experience learning from you. The tools that you have provided us with already make a difference in some of our businesses and I know many of us rolled out the personality tests to our teams and families. Also as we continue our forum experience we will bring some of the other tools you've taught us in to grow and learn further from each other. It was great! Thank you"
Moshe Lokshin, Moderator EO Mississauga

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About Us:

Forum Destinations was founded by Rosemary Rein, Ph.D, Author of "Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life" A top rated global speaker on Leadership and Innovation, Rosemary’s signature "Go Wild! Go Great! Safari for YPO Leaders" began our journey working with YPO, WPO and EO Forums in Costa Rica. Additional retreats were then designed for retreat locations in Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, the UAE and India. Today our Speakers and Retreat Planning Team are worldwide.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction of the YPO/EO Forums we design and facilitate:

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New: Destination: Ecuador "Ama La Vida"
(From Summit to Sea in the Andes)

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YPO and EO Forums and events are hosted at retreat destinations
in North and Latin America, Europe, South Africa, India and the UAE

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